Shed Dried Logs, UK Seasoned Logs, Hardwood Firewood Logs Suppliers

We supply quality hardwood and softwood logs in a wide range of log sizes and quantity

All our logs are seasoned and from sustainable resources

We are based in Arundel and supply logs to West Sussex and beyond

Loose Logs
west sussex loose logs shed dried and kindling>
2.5 cubic meter
1.25 cubic meter
1.0 cubic meter
Small bag
small bag of logs and kindling arundel logs west sussex
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Our wood is seasoned for up to 4 years dependant on the their size and species, before shed drying them to add further quality
We are 100% green efficient, as time rather than energy is used in the drying process
Upon delivery our logs need to be stored in the right environment. Our friendly staff our always available to give you advice on correct storage
Kindling, Coal and other fuel sources are also stocked, and can also be delivered

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